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After 7 days been a blogger


Time goes fast (actually not really 😊), 7 days I’ve been a blogger. The intention of my writing on this blog was just only for writing something from my heart and my mind. Long time ago I had a blog , but i had to close it for some reasons. That’s fine, anytime I can make another blog. And here I am again..

I like writing and I hope my blog readers like it too. I got not much hits each day so far but I hope it will increase 😊. Not so bad for a newbie, thank you very much for all readers. Anyway I am still confused about several things.

Writing in Bahasa or English

I have very strong courage to write in English, just like now. As a person who doesn’t speak English as mother language I have to practice my English to make it perfect, including in writing. Also it will make my readers from around the world will understand what i am writing. So, occasionally I will write in English, even the main language of this blog is in Bahasa. Maybe my English will make some readers feel dizzy and headache. I feel dizzy too when I have to writing in English in long sentence. 😄

Writing Style

I am very confused of this thing. Sometimes I used funny, relax narration style, other time I used serious journalist style. Anyway I will use my own style that I feel comfortable with myself, my own writing style..

Blog Topics

Good blog has very sharp and specific topic to write, so search engine will find the blog easily. But I have many variety topics to talk about, from crafting, cooking, my garden, my cats, and all about my daily life. Back to my intention why I have a blog, I will write what I do and I love, it means I have many topics to talk about on this blog.

Blog theme

Maybe some readers noticed I have changed my blog theme several times. Choosing the right blog theme is tricky. I used one theme, then after a while and saw other blogs I felt it’s not good and doesn’t look cool. Then I changed my blog theme again, and again. I used free blog theme version, so maybe it doesn’t look cool 😄

The Intention of writing

First intention of my writing was just for fun, but then I decided to be a serious blogger. It means I have to write as much as possible to keep my reader stay. So, I will keep writing, and you keep reading.



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