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Mastering of decreasing

Disclaimer: This is not tips from the expert, I only wrote my experiences when I am learning knitting. πŸ˜›

I found many kitting patterns are combination of decreasing and increasing. Before I spend hours and hours to make something, it’s better I am mastering in knitting techniques to know how it looks after done. After mastering cast on, knit (k) and purl (p) in this post, this time I will show you what I did for mastering techniques for decreasing. To decrease knitting pattern we should make even decreasing both side. There are 3 techniques for decreasing: k2tog, ssk and psso.


I found this video tutorial about k2tog.

I made pattern to mastering this technique as follow:

  • cast on 22 sts
  • row 1-4: k
  • row 5: k8, k2tog, k2,k2tog, k8
  • row 6 (all even row until row 20) : k3, p before last 3 sts, k3
  • row 7:  k7, k2tog, k2,k2tog, k7
  • row 9: k6, k2tog, k2,k2tog, k6
  • row 11: k5, k2tog, k2,k2tog, k5
  • row 13: k4, k2tog, k2,k2tog, k4
  • row 15: k3, k2tog, k2,k2tog, k3
  • row 17: k3, k2tog, k2tog, k3
  • row 19: k3, k2tog, k3
  • row 21-24: k
  • Cast off

K2tog technique for decreasing

Make pattern just like k2tog. Exchange k2tog with ssk. Here is my result. πŸ™‚


Just like k2tog and ssk, follow the pattern as before and exchange k2tog with psso.

Can you see the different results among those techniques? See you in mastering of increasing πŸ™‚
Bonus: video for cast off

11 thoughts on “Mastering of decreasing

  1. Bunda Yanti ngomong pake bahasa sandi apa ini, k2tog k2tog k3 k2tog.. 😨😨

    Hebatnyaa selalu belajar hal baru ya buun! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

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