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Traveling to Bandung


I was quite busy with my work specially my research. I had ambition to attend a conference in Bandung, a city in Indonesia. I had to have something to publish there and it demanded my attention so much. So dear my followers I am sorry for my absence of updating my blog for long time. 🙂

The reasons I always attend a conference at least once a year:

  1. To publish my research. Research is something to be known by public at least other researchers. By publishing in conference we can get corrections and suggestions for our research.
  2. To meet other researchers. We thought we are the greatest researcher when we are at our lab or office. Apparently there are many other researchers who did greater things, so it will make us always humble.
  3. To escape from daily routine haha. We need little vacation after long hard work.

Anyway, during my traveling for conference I stayed in Luxton hotel Bandung. It’s quite cozy hotel with reasonable price. I love their high ceiling lobby. 🙂

Luxton lobby
Luxton deluxe room
I tried their gym, it was very cool gym 🙂

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