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Crochet bag project in progress

Since Indonesia doesn’t have winter making sweater is only to satisfy my curiosity about knitting. :-D. Now I understand why crochet is more popular in Indonesia than knitting.

As I explained in my previous post before that I come to crochet to make lace, yeaa make lace everyone.. and I am interested in Irish lace. My first book of Irish lace is a Japanese crochet book: Irish Crochet lace. How can I understand crochet in Japanese? I let you know I don’t speak and read Japanese, but crochet pattern has universal language haha.

My fist project of Irish lace is making a beautiful bag with this pattern:

Irish lace has beautiful pattern in every way. We can make 3-dimensional look for flowers, leafs and other things, but definitely required high dedication.

The result of this pattern should be like this:


But I did mistake to make only 6 petals of flower. So I made triangle pattern. Lets see what kind of bag I can make. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Triangle pattern of my bag project πŸ˜€

I admit that Irish lace is a high skill crochet, really need practice over and over to make it more and more beautiful. But I still have time to do that. Happy crafting!!


3 thoughts on “Crochet bag project in progress

  1. Coba kamu deket sama aku yan…pengen minta kamu bikinin bikini buatanmu deh 😍 pernah beli di bali bikini rajutan benang cakep bngt ! Aku suka 😍

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