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Bihun udang


Today is first holiday of  our long weekend and sadly I don’t have plan for my 4 days off. So I try to survive during this holiday to do anything and not being bored. 😀 I cooked bihun udang, bihun is rice noodle and udang mean shrimp. Chinese cooking gave many influence to Indonesian cooking, such as noodle. We love noodle so much.

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Ayam Klaten

Ayam Klaten

Sunday is a creative day, I just made Ayam Klaten. Ayam means chicken, Klaten is name of  a city in Indonesia. So this recipe should be originally from Klaten. But please Klaten people, don’t be mad at me if the recipe is not exactly same as yours. 😀

This food is luxurious with many spices ( I used fresh spices). I used ayam kampung,  the chickens that are raised using traditional free range production techniques. It’s very healthy definitely very delicious but of course little bit more expensive.

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Simple nasi goreng


Nasi goreng is a famous Indonesian food, nasi means rice, goreng means fry. So nasi goreng means fried rice. There are many varieties of nasi goreng, i made an easy and the simplest version. We usually eat this food in the morning as breakfast (yes in the morning) or evening when we don’t have other options to eat. 🙂 But it’s still full of nutrition with vegetables and egg, used small amount of vegetable oil, and also delicious. And the key of nasi goreng is using cold rice from yesterday, so nothing to be wasted.

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Beef lumpia

Picture was taken by my son (proud mom) 🙂

I and my son were having fun time with cooking and learning photography. We cooked beef lumpia, it’s spring rolls in Indonesia. It’s perfect snack for Sunday evening.

My son has passion about photography. He was learning to set camera manually, focusing, and lighting. He learned how picture look like when light came form side, front, back and upper head. And the picture was his masterpiece. 🙂

About lumpia, here is how we do it.

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Pempek is a traditonal food from Palembang, South Sumatera Indonesia. It’s the icon of Palembang city made mainly from fish. People there adore this food, they eat every time even in the morning. 🙂 Many things to do to make this food, but it’s worth it, we have delicious food. Palembang is surrounded by huge river called Musi river, there are fish live there belida is one of those. But now it’s rare and expensive. So we can use other kind of fish such as tenggiri. The key of pempek is fresh and good quality fish.

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