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Another masterpiece from my son 🙂

I have told the story about my son who has passion about photography in this post. Last Sunday he also took pictures of another object. He too pictures of ocra, we harvested ocras from our garden. This time he use white as background.

Anyway, ocra is good vegetable for lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, also has a lot of vitamins and fiber. But still no perfect vegetable, we still should combine one vegetable with other vegetables even with other nutrition source.

Happy good lifestyle 🙂

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Pink rose


Another favorite rose, pick color rose is blooming in my garden. It’s always fascinating to take pictures of my flowers, they are so pretty. I am trying to find another victim as my photographic object, maybe a model. Next time, this time I only have my cats, my flowers and my food as my victims. 🙂

Happy Friday..

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Kebunku minggu ini

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Sebagai orang yang memiliki banyak waktu luang saya memiliki banyak hal untuk dikerjakan, salah satunya memenuhi halaman rumah dengan banyak tanaman.

Waktu zaman saya masih kecil di sekolah diajarkan istilah warung hidup dan apotek hidup. Ada yang masih ingat? Warung hidup adalah menanam tanaman yang dijual diwarung, seperti cabe, tomat, mentimun dll. Sedangkan apotek hidup adalah menanam tanaman yang bisa dijadikan obat herbal, seperti kunyit, jahe, lengkuas, kumis kucing, brotowali dll.

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